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Leïlou Daunit

Currently in Canada for a gap year. Willingness to specialize in the sustainability. Discover my background here !


I love learning from the people around me and I am always looking for new learning and experiences.


Allows me to easily step back from a situation and understand others relatively quickly. I can identify the main emotions in order to adapt my actions and speech .


Smiling and dynamic, I know how to work efficiently in a good mood and integrate into a new team without difficulty.

I am doing a gap year in Canada in order to become fully bilingual, to get involved in associations and to improve my professional experience before doing a master in sustainability. I am particularly interested in sustainability and I realize the urgency of changing our way of doing and acting to protect the environment. I would like to be an actress of positive change by acting in favor of current societal challenges. If you have something to suggest in this field I would be happy to discuss it with you.


Highly attracted by the international scene and always in search of cultural openness, I have just finished a year in Spain. I validated a triple degree in international management from the ISG, Cesine and London Metropolitan University. I did my first two years of bachelor at ISG Bordeaux and myhigh school in science.


Thanks to internships and experiences related to the professional world, I have already had the opportunity to work on different projects, such as the implementation of a CSR strategy, the launching of a new brand, the communication plan of a school, …